Małe gogo X
It’s time to redefine the rules
Now we are starting
a new chapter
A new chapter begins today in our story. Our new brand reflects the bold and resolute
approach that we are taking. Our new logo epitomises our passion for innovation and our uncompromising attitude to quality.

We believe that if a divers equipment carries the XDEEP logo then that diver is
part of our story and shares our creed.
From the very beginning XDEEP set out to create completely new and innovative solutions, to redefine the rules.
In 2012 the STEALTH 2.0 tore up the sidemount system rulebook and brought true innovation to the field of cave and sidemount diving. It has led the way in the development of sidemount systems and made the impossible achievable for an elite group of explorers and adventurers.
In 2014 the GHOST system was launched. This was not a small evolution, based on classic designs, but a truly revolutionary product that redefined what was possible. Literally years of work created a wing system, from scratch, that had nothing to be compared against and set a new and aspirational benchmark.
XDEEP is not just a company, it is a group of passionate people, driven by the desire
to explore the edge of what is possible and to go beyond.
Now it’s time to redefine the rules again and explore further what can be achieved.
Because of that in 2016
we are launching the
NX Series
The NX series is a collection of new products that will contain revolutionary innovations
combined with the very best materials and the most robust and reliable components.

We have rewritten the rule book at least once, now we shall do it again.
nx series
As we move forward, one thing will never change
Our uncompromising approach to quality cannot and will not change. To achieve this we have and we will always manufacture in the European Union. We have and will use the very best materials from USA and Germany and we insist on the most robust and reliable components.

If it carries the XDEEP logo, it carries our passion and an assurance that we have delivered the very best. Performance and safety are priceless.