STEALTH 2.0 sidemount weight system
Discover the world's most advanced weight system
Versatile. Streamlined. Capacious. Configurable. Safe. Comfortable. Droppable.
The STEALTH 2.0 weight system is undoubtedly the most advanced and versatile amongst all of the sidemount harness solutions available worldwide. At any time, you can change the configuration and adjust it to meet your own needs.
Sidemount weight lead
Take as much weight as you need

In cold water you may need as much as 18 kg of weight on the sidemount harness, whereas in tropical climates only 4 kg may be sufficient.

In the STEALTH 2.0 harness, changing weights takes only a few minutes!
Sidemount pocket for weight harness
You can easily achieve perfect trim
The Stealth 2.0 harness enables you to smoothly change the centre of gravity.

As a result, you can find your ideal trim and achieve the perfect horizontal body position.
Diving weight pockets for harness
In a wet suit, you will also feel safe
When you dive in warm water in a wet suit, you need droppable weights to ensure maximum safety.

The STEALTH 2.0 allows the mounting of droppable weight pockets which you can easily dump in case of emergency.
Why the weight system is so important?
As you know, precise positioning of weight is critical to your trim and comfort in diving. In backmount configuration it is much simpler to achieve because weights can be mounted directly to the twinset or the backplate.

In sidemount weights are attached directly to the harness. Therefore it’s very important to allow both precision positioning of the weight and easy removal after diving.
Central weight pocket
No pocket
Small (S)
Small (S)
Średnia (M)
Medium (M)
Podwójna (D)
Double (D)
Optional trim pockets
No pockets
Małe (S)
Small (S)
Duże (L)
Large (L)
Shoulder straps   Waist strap
Optional droppable pockets
No pockets
Małe (M)
Small (M)
Duże (XL)
Large (XL)
Full capacity:
(0 lbs)
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