GHOST lightweight BC system

An innovative and lightweight single cylinder system

Lightweight traveler wing-style buoyancy compensator
Comfortable, Complete and only 2.3Kg
A complete, exceptionally comfortable BC system weighing in at only 2.3Kg. Perfect for the travelling scuba diver. A revolutionary design and cutting edge materials, coupled with no compromises on quality has created a tough and durable BCD unrivalled in recreational diving.
Available in various models :
Compare versions: Table
Basic parameters GHOST Standard GHOST Deluxe
Perfect for: Recreational diving with the single tank. Traveling.
BCD sizes available:
17 kg
37 lbs
Harness type: NX Series Ultralight Standard NX Series Ultralight QR
Harness sizes available: For divers less than 175 cm tall (S)
For divers 175 cm and more tall (L)
Harness adjustment: Adjusted with the tri-gliders Adjusted with the ITW Nexus QR buckles
Quick unfastening of the shoulder straps: Optional Standard.
With ITW NEXUS QR buckles
Weight pockets: Modular weight system with the capacity
from 0 kg to 16 kg (35 lbs)
Backplate pads: Standard, 3D Mesh of neutral buoyancy
Shoulder straps padding: Optional Standard, 3D Mesh of neutral buoyancy
Single tank adapter: NX Series Ultralight
Crotch strap: Comfortable "V-shaped" crotch strap
Full set weight
(without weight pockets):
2.2 kg
2.4 kg
5.3 lbs

Streamlined for minimum drag

The ability to streamline the divers body and equipment in the water has significant advantages. Low drag reduces the effort needed to move through the water. The less effort, the better our gas consumption and the more time we get on our underwater adventure.

The GHOST was designed to be completely streamlined, staying tight to the divers body and cylinder. Effort is reduced, enjoyment of the dive is heightened.

Inspired by technical divers

Technical divers will almost exclusively use wing style BC systems. A wing will hold you horizontal in the water, achieving that awesome and flat trim position that enhances safety, improves gas consumption and team awareness. Oh, and looks cool!

Accept no less on your recreational scuba dives. We have obsessed over the GHOST’s geometry for 2 years to make diving in perfect trim easy and effortless. Your first dive in the GHOST will inspire you.

Safe and Comfortable at the Surface

Wing systems for recreational diving have a reputation for pushing you face down at the surface, not the GHOST.

The upper part of the wing is intentionally smaller than other single cylinder wings to prevent you being pushed forwards. The GHOST maximises it’s small size but significant lift of over 17 litres of buoyancy. The design ensures that just about all the BCD lift is kept underwater when you are upright at the surface.

Whatever the conditions you will be supported safely and comfortably above the water.
NX Series

Revolutionary design applied through to the smallest detail

At XDEEP we are passionate about doing things better, improving and refining our products. We want BCD’s to be safer, to be robust and reliable and to be more comfortable for divers. Our engineers and designers leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of this goal. From the overall design concept to the little details, everything is examined and improved. Once we have come up with the design we obssess about identifying and using the best materials.

The NX Series is the culmination of our experience, expertise and passion so far. The NX collection of products has already changed dive industry thinking and has improved diver experiences from exploration cave diving to tropical reefs.

Complete Underwater Freedom of Movement

Diving puts a smile on our face for many reasons, but the feeling of freedom and weightlessness are high on the list. The last thing you want is to be hitting your head on the first stage of the regulator because of the tank valve position. If you move the tank down your back, then trim and comfort are compromised and your smile is gone.

The GHOST is the only BCD wing system that allows you to adjust the relationship between the cylinder, the wing and the tank adaptor to ensure perfect freedom. The scope of the movement possible means that anyone, from giant to petite can dive in comfort.

Enjoy the freedom to look around and enjoy the sights of our underwater world in perfect trim.
Positioning of scuba diving BCD bladder against tank.
Single tank adapter (STA) for scuba diving.

Single tank adaptor
Simplicity, improved

A classic and simple design with characteristic XDEEP touches to elevate the single tank adaptor to a new level.

Cylinder mounting straps can be moved quickly and easily as a result of the NX Series design. Setting up for a dive and ensuring a customised and personalised system has never been more straightforward.

Easy On, Easy Off

Overcoming the donning and doffing challenges that standard backplate and harness systems present, whilst maintaining the great fit these systems provide was a satisfying challenge to overcome.

We simply increased the length between the shoulder straps anchoring points by 20% making the harness easier to put on. Buckling the harness waistbelt and pulling tight also pulls the shoulder straps down snug with the body. Close the waist buckle and you are in a perfectly fitting system.
Lightweight scuba diving harness.

Neutrally buoyant 3D Mesh padding

The NX Series harness uses our innovative 3D mesh for padding. This ensures comfort and safety as the padding helps the system mould to your body and prevents the BCD sliding around on your back during the dive. You can be comfortable in anything from a drysuit to board shorts and a T shirt.

Critically there is no compression of the 3D mesh and therefore no change in its buoyancy at depth. You can weight yourself perfectly with confidence.
3D mesh lining.
3D mesh backplate pad.

Perfect Weight Distribution

Significant advantages in trim and balance can be gained by moving weight pockets up the body, off the hips and keeping them closer to the cylinder. The NX Series harness achieves this goal with a carefully calculated placement of the pockets. No longer will you feel the lead dragging you down into a sea horse position.

For women the weight distribution is a major step forward. It will take the weight off the hips and you will feel better supported by the system.
NX Series harness weight
NX Series

50% lighter, 100% tough

We set out to challenge ourselves with the GHOST. We wanted the lightest wing system in the world, we wanted it to be as tough as any double shell wing.
Traditional solutions using plastic backplates do not have the robustness needed. New thinking and new materials technology provided the answers. The GHOST is incredibly light and unbelieveably tough.
Aerospace-grade alloy
The backplate and adaptor are made from aerospace grade aluminium and magnesium alloy. Derived from aviation use, this alloy provides rigidity and structure, is tough and hard wearing and is very, very light.
Backplate for diver.
D-Ring for harness.
Reliable 6mm D-Rings
You can’t compromise on safety and function, so we didn’t. Having saved weight in other areas we could fit full specification 6mm D-rings and bin the plastic alternatives.
Durable 1100 DTex Cordura
The toughness of a double shell wing, in a single shell design. By using dTEX Cordura®, coated with as much as a 0.215 mm-thick TPU layer, material technology provided the answer.

A durable wing, as resistant to rupture as a double shell design.
Cordura 1100 DTex

Modular Weight
Lead where you want it

Tailor your weight distribution for the diving you are doing. From a couple of kilos needed in the warm sun, to the extra lead needed in cold water diving, you can select the pockets that best suit your needs.
Weight pockets for scuba diving BCD
Droppable weight pockets
Large size 2x6 kg
Modular weight pocket for diving jacket
Droppable weight pockets
Medium size 2x3 kg
Trim pocket for single tank
Trim pockets
M-size 2 kg each

Weight management made easy

The whole pocket is simply and quickly removed when you want to pass your weights up to the boat. Two part pockets are user friendly, even in thick gloves. Weights fit into separate slots and are very secure in the pocket. They won’t fall out accidentally.
Lead weight for scuba diving.
Dropping weight from weight pocket during dive.

Secure until you want to drop them

Accidental loss of weights and a resultant rapid ascent is a serious issue. XDEEP weight pockets utilise robust ITW Nexus buckles that slide into place with a reassuring click, a sound which tells you your weight is securely fastened for the dive.

If you need to drop your weights the size and construction of the buckle make it quick and easy.

Protection for you and the environment

Lead is useful for divers as for a small size it has a large mass. Lead has some disadvantages. In air, lead oxide forms on the surface of the block. Lead oxide is a carcenogenic compound that can accumulate in our bodies. It will also pollute the air around you, especially in enclosed spaces like cars and boat cabins. It’s advisable to keep weights covered.

XDEEP pockets provide effective protection once the weight is installed.
Lead scuba diving weights.
Details weight pocket for backplate.

Attention to detail

The weight pocket has been designed with a rigid edge to keep it open, facilitating adding in the weight at the surface or underwater. Our obssesive nature and focus on the small details adds up to the improved performance of our XDEEP systems.

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Technology for Travel and Adventure

The GHOST is a truly innovative answer for travelling adventurers. Produced in Europe, with the finest materials sourced from Germany and the USA, its advanced design is complemented by our attention to detail. For single tank recreational diving, its truly the next generation of BCD’s.
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