Because… agility needs power, power needs control and accuracy needs to be delivered with efficiency.

Nothing Stays the Same Forever
We are taking the iconic fin design into the future

Controlled power and agility

Power we know is desirable in fins, but agility is not often talked about. Agility is being able to quickly and accurately adjust your position, to easily change and control your movement and pace through the water, in any direction.

The iconic, even old fashioned rubber fin style has held its own in this regard for many years, but now, through advanced materials technology and design, there is a new more powerful and agile champion about to claim the crown.

Choose your ideal Flexibility
Enjoy consistently excellent performance

Choose from hard, medium or a softer compound in the fin to best suit you and the type of diving you do. Balancing the additional control from a stiffer fin against the power a softer more flexible blade delivers is a choice you can make for yourself.
This compound will best suit technical and cave divers with a strong kick and a requirement for fine and accurate control. It demands mastery of finning techniques in order to be fully exploited, but rewards that mastery with great feel and feedback to the diver.
This fin’s compound delivers a great balance between agility and power. The increased flexibility suits longer distance swims, but offers high levels of control over movement when needed. A great choice for the more gently kicking technical and cave divers.
Aimed at maximising the return and efficiency from the flutter kick, this is a great fin for the recreational diver who wants the ability to develop their finning techniques, while experiencing the power and efficiency that this softer compound offers.

A Foot pocket that fits like a glove

Our designers spent a long time profiling the most common drysuit and rock boots currently in use, ensuring that the foot pocket is designed to offer great fit, coupled with security and a great ‘feel’, allowing the diver to use the smallest foot movements to position the fin tip and blade exactly where needed.

Two phase moulding for greater comfort

Our understanding of materials technology has allowed us to break away from the old style, albeit iconic 100% rubber mouldings and to deliver a softer material in the entry part of the foot pocket. This enhances feel and thereby control. In addition it is more comfortable, whether on a long swim or against a tough current.

Modern material technology
unaffected by the temperature

Rubber fins in warm water or left in the sun can soften, immersed in cold they will stiffen up. You may as well be diving different fins! By using an advanced techno-polymer instead of rubber, whatever the temperature the E.X1. fins will give you the same familiar feel throughout the dive.
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