GHOST lightweight BCD package contains:

Basic parameters
GHOST Standard
GHOST Deluxe
Perfect for:
Recreational diving with the single tank. Traveling.
BCD sizes available:
17 kg
Harness type:
NX Series Ultralight Standard
NX Series Ultralight QR
Harness sizes available:
For divers less than 175 cm tall (S)
For divers 175 cm and more tall (L)
Harness adjustment:
Adjusted with the tri-gliders
Adjusted with the ITW NEXUS QR buckles
Quick unfastening of the shoulder straps:
With ITW NEXUS QR buckles
Weight pockets:
Modular weight system with the capacity
from 0 kg to 16 kg (35 lbs)
Backplate pads:
Standard, 3D Mesh of neutral buoyancy
Shoulder straps padding:
Standard, 3D Mesh of neutral buoyancy
Single tank adapter:
NX Series Ultralight
Crotch strap:
Comfortable "V-shaped" crotch strap
Full set weight
(without weight pockets):
2.2 kg
2.4 kg
Buoyancy compensator
17 kg
Toroidal wing-style BCD
Single shell
Bladder fabric:
1100 dTEX
Spacing between backplate mounting holes:
11 inches
Dry BC weight
(without harness):
0.65 kg
Supply pressure:
Between 6 bar
and 17.23 bar
(250 PSI)
Permissible tank parameters
Cylinder type:
Single tank
Maximum size:
15 L
Between 140 mm
and 240 mm
Operating temperature
Water temperature:
Between -2°C
and 40°C
Air temperature
Between -20°C
and 60°C

Technology for Travel and Adventure

The GHOST is a truly innovative answer for travelling adventurers. Produced in Europe, with the finest materials sourced from Germany and the USA, its advanced design is complemented by our attention to detail. For single tank recreational diving, it is truly the next generation of BCDs.