NX700 breathing regulators first stage voluntary product recall notification

If you own NX700 regulator, please stop using it immediately and carefully read the message below.

Products falling under this recall

All NX700 regulators are being removed from the market due to an identified potential life safety issue.

Our quality assurance program received one report of a first stage with a broken turret connection screw, which resulted in a complete turret failure. Once we were informed, we immediately attempted to recreate the failure to fully understand the root cause but we were not successful. Important: Even though we have not detected nor received any notifications about any failures or abnormalities caused by the over extensive use of the membrane, this part's even remotely possible damage could lead to severe consequences in the form of free-flowing 2nd stage or increased breathing effort to the point of breathing becoming impossible. For these reasons, please do not use your regulator unit until it's serviced by the authorized service technician indicated by us or by us.

We’ve come to believe that the screw may fail due to an impact such as a falling tank or after many working cycles due to mechanical stress. This leads us to conclude that the screw is potentially not strong enough, forcing us to rethink this component's engineering completely.

NX700 regulator was launched to the market in 2019 after several months of rigorous tests in extremely demanding conditions. Due to supply issues caused by the pandemic and the increasing cost of manufacturing, a limited number of NX700 have been distributed globally. Thus, a full recall is the most effective solution.

All NX700 1st stages are subject to this recall. The model number is clearly indicated above the LP port on the unit's body:

The product was sold through independent diving stores and online from February 2019 through October 2022 for between 500EUR/600USD and 800EUR/800USD or equivalent in your local currency.

What should you do if you are an NX700 1st stage owner?

If you own an NX700 regulator, immediately stop using it and contact the dealer where you purchased it, or directly contact XDEEP at support@xdeep.pl for more information regarding the next steps. We have received one report of a failing screw and turret, while limited in number, the consequences of this failure are severe and may lead to drowning or permanent injury. For these reasons, do not use the NX700 1st stage.

How to proceed?

We are offering our clients the option to either:
  1. Exchange their NX700 1st stages with the turretless CX100 1 st stage and receive the voucher worth 100 EUR for the future purchase of XDEEP products.
  2. receive a full refund for both 1st and 2 nd stage.
Please contact your dealer, where you purchased your regulators, in order to start the process.

If you need more information

In case you are not sure about details you can contact us directly at e-mail: support@xdeep.pl, call: +48 12 44 66 998 or Facebook Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/XdeepGear If you are located in US, you may call our local distributor's toll-free number: +1 201-710-0042.

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