The oceans, lakes, caves and deep waters of this world are the last unexplored frontiers for mankind. Advances in diving equipment and technology have opened up these uncharted spaces for us to explore. The only limits are those we place upon ourselves and XDEEP would like to help break through these barriers. We want to support adventures, explorations and projects that deepen the understanding of the underwater world.


Diving in the Himalayas is truly diving at the top of the world, and presents serious environmental and logistical challenges. As part of the ‘Lakes at the Crown of the World’ project XDEEP’s STEALTH 2.0 Classic provided an answer to both the logistical issues and was tough enough to stand up to the demands of extreme cold and altitude faced by the team.

Mahafaly Karst Project

In 2013 and 2014 the first exploration of the caves in the Mahafaly Karst limestone plateau, situated in the south west of Madagascar took place. Using the XDEEP STEALTH 2.0 classic and XDEEP STEALTH 2.0 TEC sidemount systems, expedition team discovered incredible fossils and amazing cave formations.

Nevado Tres Cruces 2015 MedExpedition

Exploring a volcano, even an extinct one is no mean feat. Add in diving at an altitude of 5907 metres above sea level, a feat achieved by fewer people than have landed on the moon, and the scope of this expedition becomes clear. XDEEP’s STEALTH 2.0 Classic provided the required balance of lightness and the required robustness and reliability to cope with the cold waters of the Tres Cruces Norte lake.

Sea Shepherd - Operation Milargo

Sea Shepherd chose the XDEEP ZEOS full sets to help them in protecting the critically endangered vaquita porpoise in the Gulf of Mexico. Threatened by gill fishing nets the ‘Little Cow’ or ‘smiley panda of the ocean’ population is down to less than 97 porpoises, mainly in the Sea of Cortez. Working with the Mexican authorities Sea Shepherd is using XDEEP dive gear to help protect and preserve this incredible creature.

Expedition Bjuralven 2016

On the mountains of Jämtland, a group of cave divers is exploring what now is the longest underwater cave system in Sweden. Work has been going on for seven eventful years in a constant struggle against the elements. Diving is only possible during winter due to local environmental conditions. Water temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius and arctic climate make the expedition a real challenge.

Project Antillothrix 2016

Project Antillothrix is a multi-organizational partnership formed to conduct biodiversity surveys and excavations of paleontological cave sites in the Dominican Republic. Together, researchers and divers have documented and collected a trove of vertebrate fossils for study and preservation since the inception of this collaboration in 2011.

Madagascar Karst Expedition 2017

During the new fall 2017 expedition, the team from Madagascar Cave Diving Association discovered a new cave Anjanamba that has now become Madagascar’s longest flooded cave and currently has over 17800 feet of explored passages, with leads everywhere and no end in sight.

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  1. Challenges that explore the boundaries of sports diving;
  2. True Exploration of wrecks, underwater caves and remote diving sites;
  3. The conservation and protection of marine environments, flora and fauna.
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